About Me


Hello! I’m Orla. A 30 something Dubliner.

I work as a Software Development Engineer (more on which never) and love food. In the past, I used to be really conservative with what I ate, but in the last few years, I’ve become a lot more open to trying new things. I do, however, tend to eat in the same places quite a lot – but I’m hoping to change that and broaden my horizons. If nothing else, seeing posts about the same places all the time will be a bit monotonous!

I’m an avid baker. I love trying to bake “healthy” or what my colleagues like to call “no fun” stuff. Not all the things I bake are sugar- or gluten-free* but I do like to experiment. Some of these experiments are good. Some are bad, which my family and friends (especially my dad) have no qualms telling me.

Why did I set up the blog? Four reasons. Firstly, because I tend to cook/bake things and then forget how I did it. So this is a good log. The second is because I eat out a lot. I get asked a lot about where to go, so I thought the blog would be good for that too. Thirdly, I love using my DSLR and taking endless food pics is helping me to improve my photography skills. I got the camera for my birthday a good few years ago – when I was taking pictures of food one day, my dad walked in and said, “I didn’t get you that camera for your birthday so you could take pictures of boiled potatoes for Christ sake.” I don’t know about anyone else’s family but in my family, when something annoys someone? You do it even more so I take pictures of ALL my food. Lastly, because my sister can’t cook (what 21-year-old can??) and she wanted me to write down recipes for her – I figure this gets me out of birthday and Christmas presents forever. Here, Ash, I made you an online recipe book. Enjoy!

Pointless facts about me: I hate cinnamon (but I still bake with it) and I ate my first egg yolk at the age of 30. I’ve always had an irrational fear of egg yolks. I’d eat them scrambled or in an omelette, but if I could see the yolk I’d push it as far away from me as possible. I had my first egg yolk in Boqueria. I just closed my eyes and ate it and I’ve been obsessed with egg yolks ever since.

You’ll see frequent mentions of someone called LP in my posts. That’s my significant other. I’m not going to say he’s my better half because that would imply he’s better than me and we are in constant competition with each other.

*I’m not coeliac but I do have an intolerance to wheat and yeast so try not to eat them. The odd time I do eat them you’ll hear me complaining for about a week afterwards, but I tell myself at the time that it’s worth it (it usually is).

Questions? Feel free to contact me here.