As most of you know I love burgers. I love the massive influx of good burgers in Dublin in the past 2 years and I’m always open to trying new ones. Block-Burger are new to Dublin and are unique in that they only do deliveries. They deliver to Clontarf, Killester, Fairview, Marino, Drumcondra, East Wall, IFSC and Grand Canal. It’s run by the guys behind Pitt Bro’s, not the guys in Bray. I’m not going to get too much into the whole ordeal of them having the same name. It’s not like they opened up next door to them and ripped off their menu. One offers delivery in Dublin, the other is a sit down restaurant in Bray.

Their beef is supplied by FX Buckley which as most people know are the crème de la crème of beef suppliers in Dublin. The chicken is marinated in buttermilk and spices for 24 hours which gives it a very succulent and juicy flavour.  They promise that they deliver proper burgers and that they most certainly do.

They have 7 burgers to choose from. So far I’ve had 2: The Mannix and Butter Milk Bird. It’s delivered in a really nice box (eh duh box burger) that looks pretty impressive for a delivery.


The Mannix is huge. I mean even my massive gob found it hard to get around it. It’s a double stack cheese burger with diced pickle & onion, tomato, lettuce, mustard, mayo & ketchup. You can customise your burger if those toppings aren’t to your taste. I’m a fan of rare beef. I once sent a steak back because I had asked for it rare and it wasn’t. When it came back out I still wasn’t happy and Mr LP remarked that “you won’t be happy unless the piece of meat put in front of you is still able to moo” which pretty much sums up my love of rare beef. In saying that I understand that rare beef isn’t for everyone and not always possible, especially for burgers so I won’t snub one that’s not rare. The cheese is lovely and runny and the onion, tomato and lettuce are fresh. Nothing worse than manky tomatoes on a burger.

The Mannix

The Butter Milk Bird is as big as The Mannix. The piece of chicken dwarfs the rest of the burger. It has fried buttermilk chicken, pickled slaw, tomato, lettuce & chipotle mayo. The chicken was incredible. I was told it would be the nicest chicken burger I’ve ever had and I can’t disagree with that statement. I love the combination of chipotle mayo, pickled slaw and chicken. It reminded me of the 147 Deli Club sandwich. The chicken skin was crispy and there wasn’t a hint of it being soggy which is something I find can happen with buttermilk chicken.

Butter Milk Bird


Butter Milk Bird

I opted for chips as a side because well, burger and chips, really can’t beat that combo can you? The chips are thick, skin on, hand cut and nice and crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.


They offer desserts in the form of cupcakes from The Cupcake Bloke. They’ve some interesting flavours such a Maple Syrup & Bacon and Peanut Butter & Jelly.

Block-Burger currently have a 2 for 1 offer between 5-7pm for the month of February and currently have a competition running on their Twitter and Facebook where you can win a free burger if you send them a picture of your burger with the hashtag #ProperBurgersDelivered.

You can order directly from their website or through Deliveroo. I personally hate deliveroo and have never had a good experience so I would order directly from Block-Burger if possible. My first order was through Deliveroo and took 2 hours (through no fault of Block-Burger). When I ordered directly from Block-Burger I given an estimated time of an hour but it arrived in 25minutes. Can’t really complain about that! The burgers themselves are great value for the size of them and I wasn’t left hungry.

Next I’m going to try their signature burger. The Block Burger: Beef burger, Cashel blue cheese, crispy bacon, caramelized red onion relish. Blue cheese and bacon? Yes please!

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