Buttermilk Bird Pitt Bros

Nearly every week I go to Pitt Bros and every time I go I get the Buttermilk Bird. This, for me, is the nicest chicken burger I’ve ever had. It’s also f’in massive! This is my first post where I’m only talking about one item on a menu. I love it so much I think it deserves it’s own post. Pitt Bros also does gorgeous BBQ food. Chicken, brisket, pulled pork etc but I never bother with that. If I’m there, I’m getting the Buttermilk Bird.

Fried Buttermilk Chicken with House Pickled Slaw, Hot Sauce, Lettuce, Tomato & Chipotle Mayo

What sold me first on this burger was the chipotle mayo. I’m a sucker for anything chipotle. I add it to everything. Next, it was the fact that it was southern fried. Chicken always tastes better southern fried!

As I said, it’s massive. I have to cut it in half to eat it. Is it messy? Oh yeah. Is it worth it? Hell yeah!

I urge everyone to try it. I’m very much obsessed with it at the moment and no other chicken burger comes close to it.

Would I go back to Pitt Bros?  Does a bear sh!t in the woods?

What did I not like?  It’s making me fat.