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Eating Out, London, Review

Eggbreak London

Breakfast is probably my favourite meal of the day so when we went to London I was eager to try Eggbreak. It’s located in Notting Hill Gate about 2 minutes from the tube station and was only a few stops away from us. We enjoyed it so much the first […]

Eating Out, London, Review

Dinerama London

This trip to London felt like it would never come. It was booked in January 2017 because that was the earliest we could get tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and Hamilton. There were so many places I wanted to try for food in London. Unfortunately, I didn’t […]

Eating Out, New York, Review

What I ate in NYC 2017

Last year when I was in NYC I went to the absolutely amazing Eleven Madison Park. I had planned on going to another ‘fancy’ restaurant this year but due to some mad weird medical stuff that went on with my body in October, I missed the window to get a reservation. Nevertheless, […]

Dublin, Eating Out, Review

Pickle Restaurant

Pickle Restaurant has been on my list of places to go for months. I finally went during the week and I honestly cannot wait to go back. Other than at Taste of Dublin this year, I’ve only found one Indian restaurant in Dublin that I like (Madina on Mary’s St). […]

Eating Out, Review

What I ate in Orlando, Florida

This post probably should have come before the Royal Caribbean post but I got a bit sidetracked. Before going on our cruise, we spent 5 nights in Orlando before driving to Ft Lauderdale. I had a list of restaurants the length of my arm to go to while in Orlando but realistically I was […]

Dublin, Eating Out, Review

Sunday Roast at The Exchequer

I was invited to try the Sunday Roast at The Exchequer in Dublin 2 by Paul Stenson from The White Moose Cafe. I love a good roast. What I don’t love is the cleaning up after it so I was eager to try The Exchequer’s roast. I’ve never had their […]

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The Chili Shack

The Chili Shack opened today on Prussia St. They gave away free food on Saturday and from the pictures I saw the queues were epic. Their location was previously home to Boqueria (I’m still not over them moving to Howth) which then became BQR (and was a disaster) and is now […]

Burgers, Eating Out, Limerick, Review

Coqbull Limerick

I’ve been to Coqbull in Cork but last weekend I tried Coqbull Limerick while I was down for the Munster V Toulouse game. I kid. I wasn’t there for that, but it wrecked LPs head thinking I was. I’d been looking forward to a burger all week and had my […]