Coffee in Smithfield

My office recently moved to Smithfield and to be honest, I was dreading it. Sure it meant a shorter commute to work since I live on ‘DNS’ but it meant missing out on some fabulous coffee in Fumbally. I was always a lover of the smell of coffee but wasn’t quite fond of the taste but started drinking coffee (well, mochas) in Fumbally and slowly progressed onto lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites. Now I think I’m only deadly.

Since moving to Smithfield 3 coffee shops have opened pretty much right on my doorstep. Provender & Family, Urbanity Coffee & Proper Order Coffee Co .

Urbanity Coffee 

Urbanity is located in the Glasshouse in Smithfield. They roast their own beans which is a first for Smithfield. They also are the only place in Dublin that has their roaster on show. It’s pretty cool looking. I’m not enough of a coffee connoisseur  to appreciate the work that goes in to roasting your own beans but it’s fabulous coffee.  They sell salads, sandwiches, and a delicious granola with yogurt. They are constantly adding more items to their menu. They bake their own cakes/treats onsite fresh every morning and some of them are to die for. My personal favourite is the smore brownie. I also love their mochas*. They use real Belgium chocolate and its got that really rich chocolate flavour that you just can’t get from powdered chocolate. Their regular coffee (latte, flat white, cappuccinos) are gorgeous as well of course but my personal favourite is the mocha. Urbanity do Aeropress coffee too which is a filter coffee all the hipsters love (ie. Mr LP). There isn’t a huge amount of places for Aeropress coffee in Dublin so if Aeropress is your thing (or just good coffee in general!) then I recommend Urbanity. Urbanity differs from the other two places I’ll mention because it has a full kitchen with both a lunch and brunch menu. I’ll have a full post on Urbanity shortly because I feel like it really is the next up and coming food and coffee place in Smithfield.

*Yes I know mochas aren’t real coffee but I like them so watevs.



Proper Order Coffee Co

Proper Order Coffee is in Haymarket Square in Smithfield. It’s run by two guys (David and Niall) and both of them are well known in coffee circles (I’m not in a coffee circle so I don’t know them :p). One is a Barista Champion and the other is a Latte Art Champion. They serve Red Brick which I’ve never seen sold anywhere else in Dublin. What I love in Proper Order is their special lattes. Every week there’s a new latte with a special syrup. Rumor has it that they make the syrup themselves at the weekend. I don’t know how true this is, I’m pretty sure it’s true but ya know, don’t go taking it as fact or anything. So far I’ve had salted caramel, orange blossom and peppermint chocolate. I like sweet coffee (duh) so these are perfect for me. They also are very accommodating to dairy intolerances and have an oat milk flat white as well. I got it once, it’s nice. I probably wouldn’t get it again and to be honest I only got it because my trainer told me to get it. She’d probably curl up in the fetal position and rock back and forth in pure disgust if she knew I drank mochas and special lattes. If she ends up reading this (Hi Niamh!) she’s going to make me use the prowler as some sort of punishment for drinking sugar. They stock cakes from Camerino Bakery on Capel St. and they are delicious. Caryna Camerino is a fantastic baker and I’m happy to be able to get her cakes so close to the office. I’m not sure if they’ll be doing any lunch options but it’s a nice place to go for some coffee/cakes and be able to sit in.


Provender & Family

Provender & Family is the first of the 3 ‘new’ coffee shops that opened in Smithfield. It was original called Coffee Etc so to me it’ll always been known as Coffee Etc so I’m going to continue calling it that. It’s located beside the Dublin Vintage Factory. They stock Oxamanstown Sandwiches and sell Cloud Picker coffee which is roasted in Dublin. TBH I’m not a fan of Cloud Picker coffee. I don’t know why but I just find it very bitter and no amount of sugar helps. It’s just personal preference though because I know a few people who absolutely love it. Provender & Family stock Dublin Doughnut Co Donuts on Saturday’s so if you’re in and around Smithfield on a Saturday you need to go there. Provender & Family is just for takeaway. They don’t have seating so if you’re just looking for a coffee to grab and go then head there.