Featherblade’s Burger

If you’re following my blog you’ll know I love Featherblade. I previously wrote about them here. I absolutely adore their steaks. When I heard they had a burger on the menu I knew I had to have it. It’s not your average minced beef burger. The pattie is made from aged striploin, brisket, and chuck. It’s served with a bearnaise sauce so as I said, not an average burger.


Unfortunately, I didn’t like it. I didn’t even finish it. The meat had an over-powering flavour of brisket which I’m not a massive fan of. I’m sure if you’re a fan of brisket you’ll love this but it really just wasn’t for me at all. I was really disappointed. I had such high hopes for the burger since it has been getting rave reviews.


The meat, however, was cooked perfectly and the bearnaise sauce was gorgeous. The bun was freshly made and delicious as well. It’s a pretty decent sized burger.


To accompany it I tried the mac n’ cheese. It was so cheesy and creamy it was fantastic. I’ll definitely be getting this as a side again.


I also got beef dripping chips because well, I couldn’t not get them. Oink oink.


And last but not least I got a hazelnut and fig cake with chantilly cream for my dessert. Not my favourite dessert I’ve had from Featherblade but it was nice.

Short and sweet post today!

Would I go back to Featherblade? Absolutely! But I’ll be skipping on the burger and going for the steak instead.
What did I not like?  The burger 🙂