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I love the Fumbally Cafe. If you follow my personal Instagram account you’ll know that I eat there a lot. I’ve recently moved to another part of the city so The Fumbally isn’t as quick and easy to get to. I only get to go there once every few weeks but when I do go, it’s worth the effort of the walk (especially today as it was windy and raining). I really was spoiled having such a nice food spot right on my door step.

What I love about Fumbally is its ever changing menu. They have new specials every two days and I don’t think I’ve ever been let down by any of them. The specials consist of a meat/vegetarian sandwich or a meat /vegetarian dish. They have a full-time menu but I always tend to go for the special. My ultimate favourite dish from Fumbally are the fish tacos. Unfortunately, the Mexican chef who was working there has left so I’m not sure they’ll be on the menu again. I heard a colleague describe the food as “depths of flavour you just can’t find anywhere else” and I think that’s a pretty spot on description. Every dish has different complimenting flavours and I’ve found it near impossible to create any of them at home.

The atmosphere in Fumbally is nothing I have ever experienced anywhere else in the world. Everyone is just so relaxed and the staff seem to love their jobs. One day I saw one of them walking around with no shoes on. Now I’m not sure if this was some sort of fashion statement or what but it’s not unusual for The Fumbally. From their mix’n match chairs and benches to their bird cages with eggs in them; it really is hipster central. Randomly there was a guy playing the harp there one day. Ya know, just casually, sure what else would you be doing of a Tuesday?

It opens Tuesday – Saturday and they’ve recently started doing dinner in the evenings on Wednesdays from 7-9.

Fumbally has ruined salads for me because I can’t have a salad anywhere else without comparing it to here. All the salads are gorgeous. Like the specials, the salad is different every second day. The hummus is to die for. I’ve heard they are quite similar to the salads in The Hungry Pear. I guess that means I need to go there to check them out. Excuses excuses for more food. 🙂

Today I had Kedgeree – Curried spiced rice with smoked haddock, garden peas, grilled kale and a boiled egg. It was like heaven.

Kedgeree – Curried spiced rice with smoked haddock, garden peas, grilled kale and a boiled egg

Here’s some pictures of some of my favourite dishes from there. I can’t remember what everything is but I can assure you, it tasted great.

Salad Plate


Fish Tacos



Chicken Tinga
Salad Plate

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