Marrakesh – Nomad

Hidden beneath the madness of the souks in Marrakesh is Nomad. A modern Moroccan restaurant with an international twist. It’s a very surreal experience walking to it and into it. It’s like jumping forward in time about 50 years compared to the market stalls that surround it.

It has a roof top terrace with spectacular views of the spice market that it resides by.






To start I had an avocado & orange juice. This is really popular over there and not something I’d have ever thought to pair together. I probably drank my weight in this juice in my 4 days over there.


To start we got courgette & feta fritters. They were delicious and paired with a minted yogurt sauce.


Next was a pastilla.  The pastillia was different to the ones sold in the market as it was vegetarian and filled with goats cheeses, mixed spiced vegetables and caramelized tomato confit. Was the pastillia in Nomad nicer than the market? Nah. The one in the market wins hands down. I like my meat.

IMG_2752-imp (1)

For my main I got lamb chops served with grilled vegetables and an aubergine, olive and red pepper relish. I think I can handle spicy food but I wasn’t expecting the relish to be as spicy as it was and it caught me off guard. It tasted great with the lamb and the vegetables and was just the right sized portion.

IMG_2772 (1)-imp

Mr. LP had a lamb burger with aubergine, caramelized onion and harrissa served with potatoes.


For dessert the waiter had suggested the Moroccan date cake with a salted caramel sauce. I love salted caramel anything so before the waiter even suggested it I knew I was already getting it.


Nomad was gorgeous and it was a nice relaxing and quiet meal compared to hustle and bustle of the Night Markets. It was exactly what was needed after a long day of sight seeing.

If you’re as hopeless with directions as me you’ll need to use Google Maps to find it. It’s well worth the visit and although I was skeptical about going (because I really wanted another meal in the Night Markets) I’m really glad I didn’t miss out on it.