Royal Caribbean – Harmony of the Seas – Part 2 – Buffet (Windjammer)

Following on from my Royal Caribbean Main Dining Post, I’m going to talk about the Windjammer restaurant on board Harmony of the Seas. Windjammer is a buffet restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. I never made it there for lunch, I had usually eaten my body weight in food that morning so never really needed it.

Let’s start with breakfast. There is a massive selection. Anything you can imagine, it’s there. Omelettes, sausages, bacon, porridge, pastries, biscuits & gravy, fruit, cereal, you name it, they had it. I opted for the same (boring) breakfast most mornings: hash browns, fried eggs and a croissant.

Dinner wise, again a massive selection with every type of dietary and taste accounted for. Burgers, chips, hot dogs, roast of the day, pasta, Indian food etc. There was always a theme to some of the food which related to whatever port we stopped at. When we were stopped in Jamacia there was jerk chicken and rice, and in Mexico there were tacos. There was also a giant station filled with prawns one day. That same station had a chocolate lava cake the next day.

I found it very difficult to have any sort of self-control here. There was just so much food there and I wanted to try everything.

The desserts were out of this world. Again, a massive selection. From ice cream to crepes, profiteroles, cheesecake, the list goes on and on.

I hope the pictures do it justice.


We ate in here, (my memory is getting fuzzy) 3 nights out of the 7 I think. We were usually fit for bed after eating since we gorged on so much food. I find it hard to pick where I preferred between Windjammer and Silk. Windjammer had a better selection but my jeans would probably thank me I ate in Silk.

Overall opinion of the buffet dining area on Harmony of the Seas.

The food was better than your average buffet. With any buffet though, I anyway, tend to lose the run of myself. I found it more of a relaxed environment and didn’t feel the need to ‘dress up’ as much as I did in the main dining hall. Being honest, I’m finding it hard to choose between which one I preferred as both have their merits. I guess I’ll just have to go on another cruise and do some more research!