Taco Taco Brunch

I was lucky enough to win brunch in Taco Taco on Twitter last weekend (who knew that people actually won things in Twitter competitions!?) and it didn’t disappoint.

I’ve been to Taco Taco before but not for their brunch menu. Taco Taco is a pop up restaurant (It’s been popped up for about a year I think) in Odessa and run by the guys who own San Lorenzos. I’m not sure what the theme of this restaurant is. I wouldn’t call it Mexican because burritos and fajitas are Tex Mex and it has dishes on the menu for those who aren’t totally into Mexican/Tex Mex food (weirdos). All I know is it has tacos on the menu and if I only had one food left to eat it would probably be tacos. Preferably fish tacos so naturally enough when I went to Taco Taco first I got the fish tacos. They were delicious and the batter was really light. They have recently started doing a lunch menu so I’ll be over again soon for lunch and more than likely will get the fish tacos again.

Now for brunch. I brought along a friend (Maria) although I’d have happily had the two mains to myself but I’m not a pig (ok I am).

I had the Hawaiian Shrimp Pop-Corn Cocktail and it was unreal. It came with char-grilled pineapple & green chilli salsa, iceberg & Sriracha mayo. I love fish, especially prawns/shrimp so as soon as I saw this on the menu there wasn’t anything else that could have tempted me away. They weren’t stingy with the shrimp either. It was a good big decent portion and came with sweet potato fries. I’ve a love/hate relationship with sweet potato fries. Some places they are lovely, others just meh. I’m happy to say that Taco Taco nailed the sweet potato fries. They were crispy without being greasy. The shrimp was perfectly cooked and as I said, there was plenty of it. If I could have ordered an extra portion of salsa I would have because it was gorgeous. I love charred pineapple (hate pineapple on a pizza though, yuk) and pineapple and shrimp (and pork) is a great combo.



Maria got the Cajun spiced Pork Burrito. It’s a burrito (duh) with 2 fried eggs, iceberg lettuce, navy beans, basmati rice, chipotle, ballymaloe relish, salad and home fries. Being fully honest here, she wasn’t blown away with it. She was expecting something with a bit more of a kick and bolder flavours but was underwhelmed. She did say however that it tasted a lot better when it was paired it with the 2 hot sauces on the table. Now obviously she ate the whole thing because it’s not like it was inedible and we were both starving as it was a late brunch. It was still tasty and it hasn’t turned her off Taco Taco and she’ll definitely be back again. She had serious food envy for my shrimp.


Now onto dessert. My oh my. I really hope the pictures do them justice because they were SAVAGE.

I got the San Lorenzo NY Baked Nutella Cheesecake. I love Nutella, Cheesecake in general I can give or take but this one is to die for. Served with cream and chocolate ice cream its a massive portion and I’m actually pretty disgusted that I ate the whole thing to myself but I regret nothing. The RTE website has the recipe for this cheesecake here. I haven’t made it yet but it’s on the list.

San Lorenzos NY baked Nutella cheesecake
San Lorenzos NY baked Nutella cheesecake

Maria had the Salted Caramel Popcorn with Peanut Butter Ice-cream. Neither of us wanted to share our desserts because we both were in love with them. She said the dessert more than made up for her main not being to her taste and that it was absolutely mouth watering. The portion was very generous and she felt like she needed to be wheeled out the door.

Salted Caramel Popcorn with Peanut Butter Ice-cream

Would I go back to Taco Taco? Of course! I can’t wait to try out the lunch menu and will be back for brunch soon. If you’re going I’d highly recommend the shrimp, fish tacos, poutine fries, crab tostadas, jamican jerk chicken tacos, the grilled steak fajitas and actually pretty much anything else on the menu.