Tap House

In my quest to find the best tacos in Dublin I tried out Tap House in Ranelagh. Tap House had been recommended to me by Lily from Picado Mexican so I knew they were going to be good. I went on a Saturday afternoon and the place was dead. I was surprised to see it so quiet considering the food was so good. I liked the chilled out atmosphere in the place and I could see myself going back there for a few pre-drinks on a night out.

For my starter, I shared the Crab & Crayfish Tostada. They were served in a crispy taco with lime, avocado, and sour cream. They were very refreshing and I’d order them again. However, very very messy!

Obviously, I got the fish tacos as my main. Soft taco, spiced haddock, chipotle aioli, pickled fennel. I have a love/hate relationship with fennel and wasn’t sure I’d be a fan but it worked really well with the spiced haddock.

Again, very messy (what good tacos aren’t?) but very enjoyable. The haddock was perfectly cooked and flakey. The chipotle aioli could have done with more of a chipotle flavour but it was still lovely. Not an overly large portion but I didn’t mind. It left me room for dessert.

For dessert, I had a vanilla ice cream sundae served with honeycomb, toasted pecans and caramel sauce. I was disappointed when I saw the size of dessert but at the same time, it was only 4e so I couldn’t really complain. I love the combination of honeycomb and pecans so this was a winner for me.

Overall the food was gorgeous. My only mistake was that I went absolutely starving and although I wasn’t hungry when I left, I could have done with some more food.

Have I found Dublin’s best tacos? I would say they are in the top 3.

Would I go back to Tap House? Yep! Even though it’s a bit out of my way I would still go back here. Probably before heading to town for a night out. I wouldn’t be going as hungry as I did before but I couldn’t fault the food at all.

What did I not like?  As I said the portions are small but they are priced accordingly.