The Delicious Food Company

I’ve been a fan of The Delicious Food Company for awhile now. I love the convenience of their products and knowing that I’m not getting mass produced food that lacks any sort of flavour. All their food is made in a kitchen and not a factory which is evident instantly by the quality of it. I absolutely adore their hummus and reached out to them when I was trying to figure out the calories one day and they very kindly offered me a hamper of food.

I’ve been making my way through all the delicious salads, sandwiches and mini salad pots they sent me – with the help of my colleagues as well.

I’ll start with the Classic Club – Marinated Chicken, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and Stuffing on Preservative Free Artisan Bread. I’ll be honest here. l lied to LP and told him he imagined me getting a club sandwich. It was so nice I didn’t want to give him the other half. If I wasn’t so stuffed from the rest of the food and it wasn’t raining outside I’d have gone over to Fresh in Smithfield and bought another one. So 10/10. It’ll definitely be something I purchase in the future.

Lemon, Mint, Marinated Chicken Cucumber and Onion with Roast Garlic Mayo on a Rustic Baguette. The picture doesn’t show how big this roll is. It’s huge! I couldn’t finish it. The bread is so thick and fresh. I always thought I had a massive gob but I couldn’t get my mouth around it. I was a bit sceptical about the chicken and cucumber combination. Not that I’m against cucumber or anything just that I would never usually put it with chicken but it was delightful.

Next, I tried the couscous and chicken snack pot. This is a really handy little snack pot that can be eaten on the go. I usually get peckish around 3-4 o clock and having something like this is perfect for me.

Another delicious salad, similar to the snack pot was this Moroccan style chicken salad. At this point, I’d eaten more than my fill of food and only tried a small bit of it before giving it (and the rest of the food) to someone else.

There wasn’t one item that I didn’t enjoy (or that any of my colleagues didn’t enjoy either). The vegetarian salad was a huge hit with one of my vegetarian colleagues.

The Delicious Food Co. is available from Spar Dame St, Fresh Grand Canal, Smithfield, IFSC, and Abbey St. They are dead handy products if you’re on the run or taking lunch back to the office.


I wrote this blog post a good few months ago and completely forgot to post it. I’m a regular in Fresh in Smithfield purchasing the salads, snack pots (my fav!) and the absolutely gorgeous club sandwich.