Urbanity – Smithfield

I spoke about Urbanity in my post about coffee in Smithfield here. Urbanity is open a few weeks in Smithfield and offers lunch, brunch and cakes. They also have some breakfast options in the form of granola with yogurt and of course, coffee. They roast their own beans on site and have the roaster (is that what that’s called?) on show. Their menu is expanding. At the moment they have a salad option, sandwich and soup on offer for lunch. The salads are gorgeous. They have a very “Fumbally” feel to them as in; they aren’t your standard caesar salad muck you’ll find elsewhere in the area. I guarantee you they’re the nicest salads you’ll find in Smithfield. They change every week or so which is great because who doesn’t like variety? I haven’t had the sandwiches (laying off the bread) but I’ve been told by my Irish and  American colleagues that they are excellent.

They have about 3 or 4 different salads that you can pick and choose from. My favourite salad so far has been the roasted broccoli with tahini and sesame. It is uh-mazing. I have a soft spot for roast broccoli (and cauliflower) and I’d happily just sit their eating roast broccoli in front of the telly.


I usually get a mixture of all the salads. I’d have serious FOMO if I didn’t get one and heard it was nicer. The portion size is decent. They fill the whole plate.





The soup and salad as I said, comes highly recommended by my colleagues. The sandwich options are Reuben, Middle-eastern chicken, Ham, cheese & pickle, Roasted mushroom & tomatoes and Ham, Turkey & Swiss. 

Rueben & Spicy Pepper and Tomato Soup

I love the cakes in Urbanity. My favourite was the Lemon & Blueberry slice until they added a Smore Brownie to the menu. I’ve made s’more brownies (and cupcakes) before but I call them Schmorla Brownies – gettit? Moving swiftly on. The brownie is gorgeous, it’s got a slightly salty taste to it and the marshmallow on top is perfect.

S’more Brownie
Lemon & Blueberry Slice
Selection of desserts

Urbanity is my new favourite lunch option in Smithfield and I’d highly recommend trying it.

Would I go back? Does a bear sh!t in the woods?

What don’t I like? I’d like some meat to put in my salad.