What I ate in NYC 2017

Last year when I was in NYC I went to the absolutely amazing Eleven Madison Park. I had planned on going to another ‘fancy’ restaurant this year but due to some mad weird medical stuff that went on with my body in October, I missed the window to get a reservation. Nevertheless, I did some more research and picked out a few places to go that would satisfy my palette but not break the bank either. Some of these places have been on my list for a few years but I just never had the time (or the stomach capacity) to try them.

I went for Thanksgiving this year again which is great, but Thanksgiving in NYC is probably one of the only days of the year that restaurants close so that left me in a bit of a pickle. Applejacks Diner, however, is open 24 hours a day and that includes Thanksgiving. I would have loved to have tried something off their Thanksgiving menu but being totally honest I was wrecked from the flight I was only able to have something small so I had a BLT.

BLT from Applejack's Diner
BLT from Applejack’s Diner

My dad had the roast duck. It was pretty much half a gigantic sized duck and had a cranberry type stuffing. It came with a soup and he got a rice pudding dessert as well. My da isn’t into the whole ‘letting me take pictures of food’ when we’re out so kept ruining my pictures by shoving his hands in them. Yer so sound, da.

Half Roast Duck from Applejack's Diner
Half Roast Duck from Applejack’s Diner

For breakfast on Friday morning we had Dunkin Donuts. It was Black Friday. We needed the sugar rush, don’t judge me.

Dunkin' Donuts
Dunkin’ Donuts

On Friday we had Shake Shack. When I had it in Orlando a few months back I claimed it was nicer than Five Guys. I take that back now. My sister is the burger expert in the family and she was horrified I had suggested such a thing. I had the Chick’n Shack since I knew I’d be getting Five Guys at some stage. I’d get it again, but it’s no Pitt Bro’s Buttermilk Bird.

Chick’n Shack from Shake Shack
Chick’n Shack from Shake Shack

On Friday evening I was too lazy to go out for food so ordered from Taqueria Diana. I had read on one of those ‘BEST FOOD IN NYC’ links on Facebook that this was the place to go for nachos. Where they the best nachos I’ve ever had? No. They may have looked nicer if I had eaten in but I don’t know if they would have tasted any better. Don’t get me wrong, they were grand but nothing to rave about. Just goes to show you can’t trust all those lists you read on Facebook – or even trust what I say!

Taqueria Diana Nachos
Nachos from Taqueria Diana

On Saturday I was suffering from the third worst hangover of my life. I was dying and wanted something dirty to cure myself but nothing was appealing to me. I had planned to go to the Crystal Pavilion Food Court because again, I had read it was one of the best food courts in NYC. Yeh, so that was closed down or else just doesn’t open on weekends. What kind of food court doesn’t open on a Saturday?

I went instead to City Kitchen to get New York’s best lobster roll from Luke’s Lobster. I wish I had gone here without a hangover because City Kitchen is the fanciest food court I’ve been to. There was lobster/fish, burgers, sushi, Mexican, and doughnuts stalls. Next time I go back to NYC I’ll definitely be going here again. Was the lobster roll NYC’s best? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. I wasn’t a huge fan either way. There wasn’t enough sauce on it for me but also, my taste buds were a bit off. It hadn’t a patch on the lobster roll from Fade St Social. It was also $18 which was hard to stomach as well.

Lobster Roll from Luke's Lobster
Lobster Roll from Luke’s Lobster

Things started to pick up on Saturday night when I went to Poke Inn. Honestly, this was my favourite thing I had during my whole trip. I got the salmon classic which had salmon, sweet onion, cucumber, mango, edamame, crabmeat salad, seaweed salad, onion crisps, roasted seaweed, sesame seed, wasabi mustard sauce. If I had known about this place sooner I’d have had it once a day. I got a regular size but compared to poke you get here in Ireland it was a gigantic portion. Everything about the dish was gorgeous. If you’re a fan of Poke I’d recommend going here. I’m just sorry I didn’t get to try more of their dishes.

Salmon Classic
Salmon Classic from Poke Inn

I had my usual breakfast of two fried eggs, Canadian bacon and home fries with a side of pancakes from Applejacks. Always a winner.

Short Stack of Pancakes From Applejacks Diner
Short Stack of Pancakes From Applejacks Diner
Fried Eggs, Canadian Bacon and Home Fries
Fried Eggs, Canadian Bacon and Home Fries

Last but not least, Five Guys. I can’t go to NYC and not get Five Guys. I like Five Guys in Dublin but nothing beats it in NYC. I got my usual little cheeseburger all the way.

Five Guys - all the way
Five Guys – all the way

TLDR: Poke Inn, Applejacks and Five Guys were good. Luke’s Lobster and Taqueria Diana were meh.